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The judges have been quick in deciding and replying so you can all breathe again, I'm announcing the results today!

~First of all, a huge thank you to all of the entrants, there wouldn't be a contest without your lovely art work!

~Also, thanks to my team of judges Anime-In-My-Pants, sratiova and Oddperson. I highly valued their input and the help to make the judging fair and presice. They were also nice and quick in replying with their judgements, which was very helpful.

~And another huge thank you (in advance) to those who volunteered for prize making. (Anime-In-My-Pants, XgeneXff and Yami-Tsukiyomi)


:bulletblack:1st:… by :icontetsuk0:
DarkEyesofMine: "Simply AMAZING. Everything from Itachi's expression to the shading and detail works perfectly in this picture. I must also mention the excellent anatomy... I bet this picture sure made alot of fangirls VERY happy. :XD: If I had any recomendations, perhaps the background looks just a little TOO real. The contrast between the anime style and realistict background just seems to distract me from the main focus... which is of course the wonderful Itachi...:XD:"

Oddperson: "I liked the comfortable pose in the image along with the lineart, both of which were nicely done. The only thing that bothered me was the background which DarkEyesofMine mentioned."

sratiova: "Everything is amazing from shading to background and to most importantly Itachi but i think you should tone down the realisity of the background so people will consentrate more on him."

Anime-In-My-Pants: "I love it. His expression is perfect. Very life like in many ways. Anatomy is very presice. Shade on the spot. As DarkEyesofMine said before, the background is too relalistic."


Feature in DarkEyesofMine's journal for two weeks
2 pictures by XgeneXff
A picture by Yami-Tsukiyomi
A picture by Anime-In-My-Pants
And a written scenario about your favourite baddie by DarkEyesofMine

:bulletred:2nd:… by :iconeli-hinze:
DarkEyesofMine: "A very nice picture to look at overall! I love the way the hazy background draws full attention to Akdov. The lack of colour in the background is also very effective, suggesting even more danger. I must say I like his outfit and once again... I love the detail!!! (I guess I'm a bit of a perfectionist :XD:) Something throws me off when it comes to his hands... I'm not sure which on is the problem, but somethign about them seems a little lopsided. Also, the mouth seems a tad odd as well... but overall this picture is wonderful."

Oddperson: "I like this image because of the background and the gesture of the person. The mouth looks a bit too close to the bottom of the nose though. Overall I really like the background lighting and the image was well done."

sratiova: "I find this picture rather gloomy and it draws my attention to the shading which could use some improving but overall a fine picture."

Anime-In-My-Pants: "Very nice. Your style is great and the shading very nice. Though I find your pose stiff and the facial expression to be dead."


Feature in DarkEyesofMine's journal for one week
A picture by XgeneXff
A picture by Yami-Tsukiyomi
A picture by Anime-In-My-Pants
And a short written scenario about your favourite baddie by DarkEyesofMine

:bulletblack:3rd: by :iconautheane:
DarkEyesofMine: "I don't know what it is about this picture... but it just really appeals to me. It could just be the fact that I'm a sucker for well drawn black and white traditionals... but I believe it's mainly the amazing attention to detail and excellent anatomy and shading that make it so nice to look at. :XD: Overall, a very comendable image, my only recomendation is watch the perspective, the path on the left looks just a little odd. But I must say, excellent job for a last minute entry, I'm very glad you found the time.:

sratiova: "The picture speaks to me for some reason and i love the attention to detail."

Anime-In-My-Pants: "The pose is very nice. I like how you were the only one to draw in gray which adds to the affect. The man is too bulky for his arms to belong. His face to me just doesn't seem right. I like the way the blood is on the picture. Disturbingly gives a picture in my mind of how this person was killed."


Feature in DarkEyesofMine's journal for three days
A picture by Yami-Tsukiyomi
A picture by Anime-In-My-Pants
And a paragraph of a written scenario about your favourite baddie by DarkEyesofMine

:bulletred:Encouragement:… by :iconaustral-azn:
DarkEyesofMine: "Great picture! You have an excellent sense of anatomy and I love the idea of resizing and fading the picture for the background. The detail on the body and jeans works well, but I think maybe a little more attention to the hair would be nice. I'm also a little thrown off by Zexion's expression... mainly with how it relates to his pose. He seems fairly blank faced, and almost reluctant but this heavily contrasts with his suggestive pose... maybe a smirk would have been more effective in this case and possibly looking out towards the viewer might have had positive results. Overall, a very nice picture, only upon inspection could I find some critiques, so well done!"

Oddperson: "I really liked the pose and angle of it. =) I think adding a bit of shadows would give it more depth and go along way for it. : D"

sratiova: "I like the anatomy but I think you should work on your arms."

Anime-In-My-Pants: "I like it and I don't like it. Anatomy is perfect. I like the facial expression. Shading is okay. Just something makes me not like it so much."

!!Encouragement Comment!! DarkEyesofMine: "Overall very appealing picture with only a few flaws found by close examination."


One feature in DarkEyesofMine's journal.
A picture by Anime-In-My-Pants
And a picture by DarkEyesofMine

:bulletblack:Bonus Prize:… by :icongreenblake:
DarkEyesofMine: "I don't know if I'm being biast or not... (being a huge fan of Deidara), however I'm sure the other judges will help me with that. :XD: I love the background, it suits Deidara perfectly... and something else I like about this picture, is that he's smiling! A smile can be just as sexy as a smirk sometimes. Another positive factor is that I love how you have your own STYLE of drawing.... it's sometimes nice to see fanart not of Kishimoto's style. Yes, you need a little practise on anatomy and the cloak might have been a little nicer with some extra detail. But with some more practise, I think you might have the potential to take out some of these contests."

Oddperson: "I like how happy this image looked and all the colours in the background. As for a critique is that his collar bone was a bit too angular and his doesn't look quite center with his shoulders. I like this image because it gave off a good vibe and had a laid back look. : D"

sratiova: "This picture is great. He looks real and is one of the best Deidara pics i have seen. And the background tells of his explosive personality and I think you should try to make a background next time."

!!Encouragement Comment!! DarkEyesofMine: "I see potential in future drawings and good quality of entry."

A picture by DarkEyesofMine

:bulletred:6th:… by :iconmindistorted:
Anime-In-My-Pants: "Something about this piture really makes me like it. I like the facial expression though I do think the eye brows should be lowered more for everything to fall into place. Weird as this sounds the blood makes him look sexier. XD Anatomy needs work."

Oddperson: "I liked the soft colored and the eyes. The only issues were that the left arm was a bit low in comparison to the right arm and the line art was kind of hard to see on the knife."

sratiova: "With a bit of practice in anatomy they could become a great artist."

!!Encouragement Comment!! Anime-In-My-Pants: "Work more with darker lines would improve this picture greatly. You softened it too much. Work on anatomy."

:bulletblack:7th:… by :iconstarflash111:

DarkEyesofMine: "Thankyou so much for entering! I now you'll probably be dissapointed with your result, but we aren't saying your picture was bad, just that the competition was extreme. With a little more practise you'll be up here taking out the competitions. =D"

!!Encouragement Comment!! Anime-In-My-Pants: "Being a pixel artist I couldn't ingore this. You should work more on clothing folds and the hair to add a more lively look. Some shading wouldn't hurt."

:bulletred:8th:… by :iconexplosionchan:

DarkEyesofMine: "As said before, it's not that the picture was bad, it's just that the competition was extreme! Now that I look back at the picture, it's well drawn! :XD: and at least your entry had comedy. On behalf of all the judges, I'd like to say thank you for entering. =D"


:bulletblack::bulletred::bulletblack:!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALL PRIZE WINNERS, CONTACT THE PRIZE MAKERS ASAP. Prefferably by Note. Make sure you mention you're from :iconevilisalwayssexy:'s contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bulletred::bulletblack::bulletred:


Final Note:

Thank all of you once again for your awesome efforts, give yourselves a pat on the back. I'm very pleased with how EvilIsAlwaysSexy's First Contest turned out... Can't wait to see you all in the next contest!!! *hint hint* :XD:

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Hi there, Just wondering do you accept Yaoi pics of evil characters? :3 if not thats fine ^^
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